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An Old Fan Favorite Weapon is Coming back to Fortnite?

That’s What Dataminers Say At Least...

Fortnite players and fans are having a blast stopping the alien invasion. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is in full swing, but players are not the only ones getting to work. Data miners are busy as well, trying to uncover what might be on the horizon. A recent nugget of data has been uncovered with information that hints at the arrival of a fan-favorite weapon from the past.

New Weapons are Always Welcome in Fortnite

The recent season contains several new weapons as well as changes and modifications in the existing weapons. In the last season, the game brought in Makeshift and Primal weapons with the introduction of a new crafting system. The crafting system lets players make an altogether new weapon as well as upgrade previous weapons. Now, in the ongoing season, we have Makeshift and Primal weapons replaced by new sci-fi IO Tech weapons.

New weapons in Fortnite are always exciting and fun but players always long for old weapons from the past which could return to the game. For example, in the previous season fans were enthralled by the return of the Tactical Shotgun. This season already brought back the fan-favorite Hand Cannon, however, that is not all for this season. According to a data miner, Fortnite is readying itself to bring back another fan-favorite weapon, and one from the earliest days of the game at that. Can you guess?

Data Mine Hints at the Return of a Fan Favorite

Dataminers have figured out by analyzing some data and information that the old rare Zapatron could be making its way to the current season. HYPEX, a popular Fornite leak and news account, shared on Twitter that a new text is found in the game’s recent update. The data in the update refers to it as “Bad News,” and further adds an elimination feed that reads, “Zapped” or “Zapped themselves into oblivion,” and “Nearly Zapped” opponents.

The Tweet read, “There’s an unreleased weapon named ‘Bad News,’ Here’s some text related to it.

- [PlayerName] ZAPPED themselves to oblivion

- [PlayerName] ZAPPED [EnemyName] (Distance)

- [PlayerName] nearly ZAPPED [EnemyName] (Distance).”

Fan Reactions and Speculations about the Zapatron

After the news went viral, fans started to speculate that this could also be related to the return of the Zapper trap. Zapper trap also mentions “Zapped” in the elimination feed when you kill an opponent. However, most likely it is not related to the Zapper Trap as traps in the game haven’t displayed a distance for elimination in the feed. On the other hand, the loading screen of Season 7 may also feature a “Bad News” weapon; an entirely new weapon, or a new look and feel for the Zapatron.

Zapatron was originally released in update v1.6.3. The weapon is similar to the Rail Gun IO Tech Weapon; it acts as a sniper with a huge blast capability. However, the weapon got removed pretty quickly as it was heavily overpowered and arguably quite imbalanced. Even if it does return, Fortnite will most likely have made some changes, we wonder how nostalgic fans will react?

Only time will tell if the rare old Zapatron finally makes a return to the ongoing season after almost four years of picking up dust or whether the data mine points to a new or reskinned version. Either way, it certainly would fit with the current theme of the season!