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Call of Duty’s Next Instalment Has a New Developer

If you have been following the almost annual releases from the Call of Duty franchise since way back in the late 2000s. Then you’ll know that the series has always been developed by one of two developers. Infinity Ward and Treyarch took it in turns to produce a Call of Duty title, often swapping between modern day warfare and historical warfare. However, it seems that with the dawn of next-gen gaming, Activision has made a bold decision. Reports suggest that the 2021 installment for the Call of Duty series has a brand-new developer.

These reports suggest that Activision has enlisted the help of Sledgehammer for their next project. Now before you panic, Sledgehammer actually has a lot of experience with the Call of Duty brand. Despite the fact that Treyarch and Infinity Ward were the primary devs on past projects, Sledgehammer has always been around. Ever since Advanced Warfare in 2014, Sledgehammer has co-developed titles within the series. Games such as COD: WW2 and COD: BOCW for example.

A Fresh New Face

The news was announced at Activision’s recent Q1 earnings call, where the company told us this news along with some other key facts about the upcoming project. This new Call of Duty title is supposedly a premium Call of Duty title and this game is due to have a huge impact on Call of Duty: Warzone as a result. Activision had this to say regarding their new project :

“We are very excited for this year’s premium Call of Duty release, Development is being led by Sledgehammer Games. The game is looking great and on track for its Fall release.”

Activision President Dan Alegre went on to suggest that this new title would be built with next-gen hardware in mind. Plus, he suggested that this game would enhance the existing COD ecosystem, integrating with the current battle royale setup.

Regardless of what happens from here on out, you have to agree that it is very exciting. A change of this magnitude is sure to breathe new life into the series and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

So that’s our news regarding the change in development for the upcoming COD title in 2021. What do you make of the news? Do you think that Sledgehammer are ready to work on a game on their own? What are you expecting in this new COD title? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.