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Dead Silence Field Upgrade May get a Nerf in Call of Duty: Warzone

Dead Silence, if you are a player of Call of Duty then you are surely familiar with it and you might have an opinion on it, more likely a critical one.

What is Dead Silence and why is it so good?

Dead Silence does what its name suggests, it makes your footsteps dead silent and your opponent won’t have any idea about your whereabouts. However, that is not all, it also makes your movement a bit faster than normal. This popular field upgrade is powerful and deadly especially in Warzone where the footsteps are far more crucial than the normal multiplayer. Players using Dead Silence are good at jumping on their opponents in Warzone and are at a clear advantage due to non-hearable footsteps.

The sound mechanics in shooter games are pretty crucial and it often makes the difference between life and death. Games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike allow players to hear the opponent’s footsteps and act accordingly. Popular COD streamers despite playing and loving the game often criticize this lopsided advantage. There is no other field upgrade that can effectively counter or even come close to dead silence. Moreover, Dead Silence doesn’t have any downside when using it like other field upgrades do, for example, when a player uses Recon Drone, he is left defenseless.

But.. what about Dead Silence?

As for the Dead Silence counter, there isn’t any decent one. Players suggested Raven come up with a counter like High Alert where it highlights players using Dead Silence. However, Raven Software hasn’t promised anything yet and plans to sort it out in the future.

“We are exploring all avenues in terms of changes to provide 'fair' and 'reactable' counterplay options to Dead Silence,” Raven Software said. It further added, “A decision like this must be made carefully especially considering how it may destabilize other aspects of the game. We cannot promise anything at this moment but as we close in on an appropriate solution, we will share more details. Sit tight.”

So, until it happens, players have to deal with it, or to be more honest, bear with it for the time being. Imagine if a player has two perks combined; Ghost and Dead Silence, it will make the player literally invisible. Ghost perk hides players from showing up on the heart-rate monitor while Dead Silence, you all know very well what it does. The problem with Dead Silence is the way how easy it is attainable and its time duration. It is easily available via loot crates and lasts for roughly twelve seconds.

The expected changes related to the Dead Silence field upgrade will take place using the perk system. This hints that High Alert will most possibly become the most sought outfield upgrade to counter Dead Silence. So, stay put and watch your back until a decent counter for Dead Silence arrives.