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Here Is Why PUBG Mobile Deserves Your Attention

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds which is most commonly known as PUBG among young players of the mobile phone platform is a title that offers a gameplay experience that resembles Fortnite and Garena Free Fire.

It has been developed and released on many platforms including Android and iOS by Tencent Games and the latest version of the title that is available to the players of the Android platform is 1.1.0 which has been recently updated on 9th November 2020.

Ratings & Reviews:

PUBG Mobile carries a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 on the Google Play Store and has more than 100 million downloads. The game has received more than 7 million reviews from global players.

The iOS version of PUBG Mobile has performed better than its Android counterpart and thus carries a cumulative score of 4.3 out of 5.0 with over 1.1M reviews. The game currently ranks at number 2 in the Strategy Games genre on the Apple App Store which speaks highly of the overall love carried by players for it.

Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention that PUBG Mobile has been rated as a Teen app on the Google Play Store and as a 17+ app on the Apple App Store.

Minimum Requirements:

PUBG Mobile is a highly detail-oriented game that provides an immersive experience to gamers. The developers have put meticulous work into the game as they wanted to give a natural feeling to it. However, this has made the hardware demands significantly high especially in the case where players choose to run the game in the highest possible graphic settings.

The iOS version of the game requires approximately 2.4 GBs of free space, making it a giant game. It is only available for iPhone and iPad on Apple's App Store.

On the Google Play Store, the game is more than 1.8 GB in size initially, but with the advancement of the game and the download of new patches and products, it crosses the 2 GB threshold.

In-App Purchases:

PUBG Mobile features a large number of in-app purchase options and thus depending upon the requirements of gamers, everything is available. Some of these in-app purchase options include

• 60 Unknown Cash $0.99

• 180 Unknown Cash $2.99

• 600 Unknown Cash $9.99

• 1500 Unknown Cash $24.99

• 3000 Unknown Cash $49.99

• 6000 Unknown Cash $99.99

• Unknow item $15.99

• Mgift $7.99

• Wgift $1.99

• Pan $1.99

Landing Screen:

The game offers players an incredibly exciting and interactive gameplay experience and at the start of the game, players are welcomed by a screen that looks like the image shown below.

The game is launched once the Start button located on the top left side of the screen is tapped. The bottom part of the screen displays other choices including the Season, Missions, Inventory, Workshop, and Clan.


A total of 100 players jump from an aircraft flying over an island and players can choose the destination of their liking. Besides, gamers also have the option of following their teammates so they can stay together and fight their enemies.

Once the gamers have landed, they need to pick up ammunition present at various locations on the map and by making use of it, they can kill the opponents.

The below image shows the general gameplay screen in which the left part of the display is used for maneuvering the player’s character. The right section has various control options for shooting and attacking enemies.

Several other activities can also be carried out from the right part of the screen, including dunk, jump, and aim. The map of the game is present at the top right end of the screen. The sound and microphone can also be activated and disabled from within the game. Meanwhile, the left side of the screen displays the total number of players in the current session and the number of players killed by the player.

Ammunition & Supplies:

Ammunition and supplies of different kinds can be found in several areas around the island when moving around the game's map. Players are free to grab the weapons and equipment they need for filling their bags. These objects are shown in small boxes displaying the detail and quantity of the item that is currently available.


As the game progresses, the timer continues to run out, and resultantly the total playable area of the game decreases. Players have to stay inside the playable zone to survive. However, if the timer runs out while the player is out of the specified region, he is killed automatically.

To identify their location, players can also use the map to add a mark for their teammates.

Various Terrains:

The gameplay consists of multiple terrains comprising rivers, hills, and plains. The character adapts to the landscape automatically. For example, if the player crosses water, he immediately starts swimming which is a great feature to have as it saves a considerable amount of time.

How To Survive Till the End:

Players shoot at one another to stay alive till the end of the session. Once a player is killed, a message displays the name of the killed player and the weapon used for the purpose.

Chicken Dinner:

The final surviving person wins the game and that is known as “Chicken Dinner”. The game is very thrilling and players must always be alert otherwise they can be gunned down in no time by other professional gamers.


Having appropriate controls is crucial for a great gaming experience and PUBG has all the right controls required to make it an enjoyable and engaging experience. The player controls the character with simple taps on the screen and weapons can also be loaded automatically which gives players time to concentrate on what matters the most.

Final Verdict:

PUBG Mobile is an outstanding platform for gamers interested in the genre of "Action" and "Adventure" and is enjoyed by the players on both major mobile platforms. This is the reason why millions of players from around the world speak highly of the overall experience provided by this title.