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League Of Legends: Wild Rift, League Is Now More Accessible Than Ever

How Does The Wild Rift Measure Up To The Summoner’s Rift?

League of Legends is one of the most popular games that is played by millions throughout the world. It is one of those games that require plenty of time to learn and master. The game has a lot of features, complex rules, and quirks. The game appears quite intimidating for new players and its 5v5 competitive mode is scary given the dense competition. However, to make things easier and accessible for LoL fans, League of Legends: Wild Rift got launched on mobile.

Wild Rift A More Basic League Of Legends?

Wild Rift and LoL’s core are identical; there isn’t much difference except for the size of the map and the time duration of a match. Two squads of five go head to head to take down each other’s base (nexus). Players navigate a map made up of three lanes enveloped in a jungle. And of course, you can choose between heroes with unique abilities.

With a smaller map in Wild Rift, a match usually wraps up in about 20 minutes. The touch controls in the game are one of the biggest shifts in the game. There are plenty of controls along with a virtual joystick to replace mouse and keyboard functions. Initially, you will face the issue of less breathing space on the screen due to the cluttering of buttons. However, if you play it on a tablet, you will have plenty of freedom.

Fundamentally A Similar Gaming Experience

The game is designed to have five players on each team; each player will have a unique role. There are two solo lane roles; the mid lane and baron lane. The duo lane (dragon lane and the jungle) role consists of a carry and support. These roles will impact the type of champions you will see in each of these lanes. Baron Lane requires durable fighters or tanks. Mid lane requires champions who like to deal a lot of damage. Lastly, the Dragon lane is the lane for duos; champions that are Attack Damage Carry (ADC). Secondly, this lane also requires Support champions to protect the team.

So start by selecting a champion that suits you, each champion has five unique abilities. Buy a starting item and level up ability. From there you will head onto a lane or in the jungle to start farming and earn gold and experience to get stronger. After becoming strong, you will head to kill monsters or enemies and eventually destroy their nexus. You will have small fights as well big-scale battles to defend your team’s structures and your base. The match often proceeds in a back and forth fashion until a player pushes into the base and destroys the enemy team’s nexus.

Ultimately A LoL Game Accessible And Enjoyable To All

The game is never predictable, every other game turns out different and holds surprises even if you play the same champion with the same teammates. This is what keeps pulling players back to the game. Stay with us for more blogs on League of Legends: Wild Rift.