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Pro Players Voice Concerns Over CDL Championship 2021 Format

Call of Duty League 2021 is nearing its end and teams are gearing up to lock horns in the all-important CDL Championship 2021. As of now CDL Championship 2021 is still awaiting team confirmations and teams are trying their best to qualify for a berth in the Championship.

However, some pro players have voiced their concerns about the CDL Championship 2021 format. These players are not only from those teams that will fail to qualify for CDL Championship but also from the ones that will surely make it.

Seattle Surge’s Octane speaks up and makes a fuss

The issue surfaced when Octane, the ace player of the Seattle Surge team, uploaded a video on YouTube and then shared it on Twitter. Seattle Surge hasn’t performed well throughout the season and is sitting at the bottom of the table. However, Surge made a surprising comeback in the Stage 4 Major LAN tournament.

It is most likely that this comeback prompted Surge’s star player Octane to voice his concerns about the CDL Championship format. He made it clear in the video that he does not like the format of the tournament. Activision made changes to the format and CDL Championship 2021 will not allow all 12 teams to compete for the championship trophy. Only eight teams will qualify for the CDL Championship based on CDL points. Teams have accumulated CDL points by reaching higher placements at the Major tournaments and by winning a large number of matches. These CDL points move teams up the leaderboard and the top eight teams on the leaderboard will ultimately qualify.

So what? And why should Esports Audiences care?

This means that the bottom four teams won’t get a chance to compete for the CDL championship, ruling out any chance for a fairy-tale underdog win. Despite performing poorly throughout the season, Surge’s star player Octane proposed that there should be another losers bracket. He further mentioned that the losers bracket or anything like it will provide a feeling of ‘grind’ for the players to reach the CDL Championship.

Now, the problem with the current format is that teams like Atlanta FaZe only need a win or two to take the championship trophy. According to Octane, there are too few matches to determine the winner.

Octane is not the only one either...

Besides Octane, several other players came forward and shared the same sentiments. Crimsix, Dallas Empire’s player, shared his thoughts and said that all 12 teams should compete in the CDL Championship. Former pro player and fan-favorite Karma also jumped in and said that a team needing just a couple of matches to win the trophy is absurd. He added that back in 2017, OpTic Gaming had to compete in three group matches and then a seven-match series to reach the exact spot; the number of matches is almost three teams more than what teams would need to play this year.

Whether it’s the overall number of teams i.e. 12 or Activision rewarding teams that play well throughout the season, Activision needs to find a solution to the predicament. Maybe allow more teams onboard or maybe let 12 teams play the Championship?

What do you think? Should Activision change anything? If so, how should it be done differently? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!