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Riot’s Project L Won’t Be Coming Out This Year

Riot Games celebrated League of Legends’ 10th anniversary in 2019 and they had some pretty sweet gifts for fans around the world, both new and old. League of Legend players were rewarded with many gifts including in-game skins and other content. However, the most exciting gift out of the bunch was the announcement of Riot’s upcoming new projects: Project A and Project L. These were new games that expanded the universe of Runeterra and Riot’s total game library. Project A was a tactical multiplayer shooter game and it already came out last year as Valorant. Project L on the other hand was a fighting game that featured League of Legends characters but unfortunately, additional info about this game wasn’t released yet.

Both League of Legends fans and fighting game fans have been waiting for this to make an official appearance for almost 2 years now but all they got was some terrible news about its release. Recently, Tom Cannon from Riot Tweeted that the game won’t be coming out anytime soon. He furthermore revealed that the game is “on track” to bring a great experience with “many-core systems in place” but it won’t be released as a beta (public or private) any time soon and definitely not this year. However, players can be sure that the game will be coming out in 2022 as there has been an in-person playtest that happened last month exclusive to a selected few people around the greater Los Angeles area. The game has become a hot topic once again and Riot might want to keep silent for a while and reveal more info near to its release.

Arcane Netflix Series

But in the meantime fans will get another gift instead. Riot also revealed an animated series that is based on the universe of Runeterra and it was planned to come out in 2020 on Netflix. However, the pandemic affected the series’ release and it was pushed back to 2021. Recently Riot finally confirmed its 2021 release with a short teaser and this hype-filled action-packed series is set to be streamable sometime during Fall. The latest trailer featured the city of Zaun and Piltover and also featured some popular characters from the cities including Jinx and VI. The series is set to retell the stories of these 2 cities and uncover the origin stories of several characters from there. Expect to get to know your favorite League of Legends characters better later this year!