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Valve comes up with the Biggest CSGO Update to Date

In an unprecedented move, Valve has just fixed one of the most annoying problems of CSGO. One of the biggest changes to date in CSGO just surfaced; Valve has added unranked matchmaking to Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Toggle Ranked Or Unranked? YES PLEASE!

The new update gives you a slider toggle on the top of the screen where you can choose whether to play a ranked match or not. Moreover, you can also play any of the CSGO maps in competitive or in the unranked mode. This map freedom applies to Wingman as well as the Danger zone.

This has a lot of advantages for players, especially allowing you to enjoy the game with your friends who are not as skillful as you are. You won’t have to worry about losing your rank and have fun with your friends and help them improve their game. Moreover, you can also play and practice maps that you are not familiar with like Ancient, without the worry of losing your rank.

Taking On An Even Thornier Problem: Cheaters

Another challenge CSGO fans and players face is the problem of cheating. Making CSGO free was one of the biggest mistakes Valve made as it paved the way for cheaters to make new accounts after getting VAC banned without losing any money. A free-to-play game must have a robust anti-cheat mechanism that won’t let pass cheaters into the lobbies. But still, Valve proceeded with the free-to-play game because they believed in their trust factor system including VAC bans.

The good news is that this problem is also being addressed by Valve by clearly separating two kinds of accounts; Prime and non-prime. With this new update, you cannot play matchmaking unless you have a Prime account and you cannot have a prime account unless you pay some hard cash i.e. $15. The non-prime account won’t be getting any item drops as well as XPs to level up and reach the Prime account anymore. So now, cheaters will have to pay to cheat again, it won’t break a cheater’s bank but still, something is better than nothing.

A Big Step In The Right Direction

With the new update in effect, players with an already prime account need not worry. The prime status for existing accounts will remain the same. However, if an account is new and not prime yet, then paying the money to Valve till June 17th is the only option to attain matchmaking, XPs, ranks, and item drops.

The new update is a great step in the right direction, it might result in Valve losing players but it will surely improve the overall quality of life aspect of the game for everyone. An update without which the game surely would have lost even more players.

However, it may become a case of too little too late as more and more CS:GO players are migrating to Valorant. Whatever the case may be, we are really excited for the future of CS:GO. Starting with the tournament on the XXXXX