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Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide to Playing Rammus

Had your fill of Master Yi and Amumu? Looking for a Wild Rift jungler that’s easy to learn and is a pure tank? Then look no further than the newly released Champion, Rammus. Amongst all of the game’s jungling Champs, Rammus is a bit of a unique specimen. Where most tankier characters feel more like brawlers, Rammus has the crowd control, utility, and, of course, the durability of a pure tank. If that’s not enough to convince you, he even has a taunting ability.

Regardless of your experience, our guide should give you a headstart with getting acquainted with Rammus, one the tankiest jungler in Wild Rift.

Keep Rollin’ - Rammus’s Abilities

The fact that Rammus is a pure tank is cemented by his ability kit. Pretty much everything at your disposal will help you soak up large amounts of damage and disrupt enemies from doing their thing. On top of that, everything in his skillset has a straightforward use while also being incredibly fun to play. Let’s dive in.

Passive - Rolling Armordillo

When he’s outside of combat, Rammus gains increased movement speed. The effect has three times the potency when he’s using the Powerball ability. One of the primary advantages of this passive is it allows you to clear the jungle faster than your enemy counterpart. It’s also the main reason you pick Powerball as your first ability. Naturally, this also allows you to chase down enemy Champs.

Ability 1 - Powerball

Keep on rolling, baby. This is the one ability you’ll be using a lot as Rammus in Wild Rift. It turns him into a ball that accelerates as you go. Upon impact, it deals damage and applies a slow to all affected targets. This means that you can use Powerball on multiple enemies. The main uses are to move around the map faster and to initiate fights.

Ability 2 - Defensive Ball Curl

Rammus’s main defensive ability, Defensive Ball Curl enhances his armor and magic resistance. This makes Rammus very hard to take down, even in a team fight. You’ll have to activate it right before starting any fight to maximize your sustain. On top of all this, this ability will also return damage to enemies that strike Rammus.

Ability 3 - Frenzying Taunt

One of the most unique abilities in this kit. Frenzying Taunt forces a target Champ to attack Rammus. At the same time, it slightly reduces the target’s armor. While not very useful in a one-on-one fight, you’ll mainly use this against groups. Target enemy Champs that are high priority and do high damage to knock them off their game.

Ultimate - Soaring Slam

Rammus jumps into the air and slams a target area, dealing damage and slowing all affected enemies in the zone of impact. The range of this ability becomes longer the higher Rammus’s movement speed is. After slamming into the ground, Rammus causes tremors in the immediate vicinity which deal additional damage and stack up the slow debuff. This ability is excellent as both a fight initiator (when movement speed is high) and as a disruptor in a group fight. You’ll want to land this as soon as possible to begin stacking the slow.

Ability Leveling Order

Unlock order when building for Support is ability 1 -> 2 -> 3. Then focus on 1, then on 2, and then max out 3. Always level up your Ultimate when available.

What to do in the Early Game

Rammus is a jungler so, of course, for the first few levels, you’ll be clearing the jungle creeps. Start with the blue buff as it’s the one that benefits Rammus’s kit the most. The best time to start ganking is when you are about level 3 or 4. When coming out of hiding to attack an enemy Champ, make sure you are already using Powerball to take advantage of the speed boost. Then follow up with Frenzying Taunt to give your ally a chance to flee or attack.

Your Role in Teamfights

As a straightforward tank, your role in a team fight as Rammus is just as simple: soak up damage and use your crowd control. Soaring Slam needs to go off as soon as possible to ensure the maximum number of Champs get slowed. Use Frenzying Taunt against high damage Champs or save it for cases where you need to peel off an ally.

Best Build for Rammus in Wild Rift

To maximize Rammus’s tankiness, use the following Runes and Items.








Dead Man’s Plate

Sunfire Aegis

Abyssal Mask

Randuin’s Omen

Mercury’s Treads/Glorious Enchant